Identity Document Verification

ID scanningIn today's world the word security has to be given a lot of importance. Security at an entry point cannot go wrong and no one would want to give access to a person that can cause problems or worse be the cause of accidents or even deaths. As a result having effective and fast identity verification is a requirement.

The IDProbe system offers highly advanced verification of Identification Cards, Driver's Licences, Passports and other identification documents issued by world governments in a compact, fast and efficient package. It scans the document, checks that the document's security features are all valid and confirms whether the document is an authentic one, all in a matter of seconds. Should the document contain a biometric chip this is also scanned and the data contained within compared to the printed details on the document.

Our robust checking system ensures that identity verification is made simple and easy for the user.


ID verification

The system, which can even be installed on a laptop or viewed on a tablet or smartphone, is ideal for:

    ID scanning
  • Government
  • Banking and Finance
  • Entertainment
  • Gaming

IDProbe Visit out site dedicated to document verification by clicking here.

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